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Alee Productions started in 2017 under the name of AleeCorp. It used to make just software but over time it started branching to other things like making games and videos. In late 2018, AleeCorp merged with Universe and some project merged but due to a community conflict during October in that year, Universe and AleeCorp splited. In 2019 however, AleeCorp got renamed to Alee Productions just to make the company more professional.


  • Q: Why did you create Alee Productions?
  • A: Reason why I want to create this is because I want to make my own things as a passion also sharing it to the public and to make it as a career.

  • Q: Why the name "Alee Productions?"
  • A: As you know my name is Andrew Lee and my name starts with an "A" and combine it with "Lee" you get "Alee". :)

Our Teams


  • Travis#1777 (Admin)
  • jtsshieh#6424 (Admin)
  • The Pixel Polygon#2069 (Admin)
  • Inkydink#9098 (Moderator)


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