Alee Productions Terms of Service

These terms and service have been set in place so we make sure that you can have a great time using our services.


  • Normal Tier - It means it is not too severe and it there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Excessive Tier - It means that if a rule is broken that’s severe it will be taken action immediately and will be stored in the punishment log.

Normal Tier

If these are broken, then an unofficial warning will occur. If these actions continue, an official warning will occur then excessive punishment will happen if continued once more.

  • Use common sense. (This isn’t an against rule but you must use your common knowledge.)
  • No spamming (Any spam will result in an official warning.)
  • No any advertisements/giveaways at any channels. Unless for a specific purpose.
  • Respect others.
  • No backseat moderating (enforcing the rules to other users)
  • Refrain asking for staff that just lowers your chance to never getting it.

Excessive Tier

This can result in an official warning or a termination from using our services.

  • No excessive swearing (Swearing is allowed but cursing that contains racial slur and etc will result in immediate severe punishment.)
  • Any accusations will never be tolerated here there will be an investigation from the staff team if it occurs and false accusation may lead a temporary termination or possibly permanently terminated from using our services.
  • Do not argue or threaten the staff.
  • Blackmailing, attacking, cyberbullying, and threatening members is never tolerated here.
  • No NSFW content.
  • No raids to be started when using our services.
  • No alts are to be on any of our services.
  • Any malicious content will not be tolerated. (i.e. Viruses, Malware, Adware and etc)

Alee Productions Policies

COPPA Policy

You must be at least 13 years old to be in this server due to the COPPA regulations…

If you don’t accept this, you have to leave our services.

An investigation or/and ban may happen if found guilty.

Discord Only Policies

Nickname Policy

We enforce this nickname policy to keep a clean, friendly community.

Our nickname system is different, using the command am:nick [your nickname] so our staff team can approve it first. This system is set in place so that the community is a nice place to be for everyone. To have your nickname accepted, it must comply with the following:

  • No offensive words
  • No symbols
  • Not attention-grabbing (i.e. getting to the top of the list by using a symbol)

Any display name that does not follow the guidelines above will have the following done to it:

  • Censoring your nickname/username
  • Ignoring the nickname change from AstralMod

Logging Policy

Our bots log the following things, and store them in their databases:

  • Deleted Messages
  • Edited Messages
  • Your ID
  • You joining and leaving

If you don’t agree with the policies and wanting to opt out, you may not use our services.

We also highly recommend you to read Discord’s ToS and Community Guidelines.

Cityverse Policies

By joining our Minecraft server you must follow the following rules.

  • Don't use any hack clients
  • No griefing
  • Respect other players

If the rules are broken there can be consequences such as either a 30 day, 60 day or permanent ban.

Frequent Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions that you might ask the staffs.

  • Q: Can I be staff?
  • A: No, you can't ask for staff but you want to know how to get it, then here are the instructions.
  • Q: I was banned for no reason! I hate the staff…
  • A: Well… if you were banned for no reason you can ask our staff team and they will tell you why you were banned.

If a rule is broken, no need to panic, it's just a heads up on what’s coming if you were to break another rule and if you got mistakenly warned please contact one of the staff immediately.

If there's staff abusing their powers please report them to Alee immediately.

Thanks for reading the ToS!

- Alee Productions Community Team

Last updated on February 25th 2020

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